Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Olivia Showergel and Body Lotion

**Thumbs up to the great pr team who came up with the colourful idea of sending the pr goodies out in an actual paint box. When the courier guy brought my parcel my dad told me someone had brought me a pot of paint and i was thinking huh?! Then as soon as i paid closer attention to the outside of the box i noticed the Olivia products. 

I had three beautiful scents waiting for me to be opened and used. 

My favourite was definitely Fig , i am a huge fan of the fig scent and Olivia managed to get the scent just right. I gave a body lotion to my boyfriends sister and a showergel to my boyfriend just to make sure my opinion is pretty much average. They both loved the products they told me the scent of Kumquat was amazing and after having a shower your body still smells of the showergel. 

The body lotion is my opinion leaves a very discreet smell on your skin and helps keep it moisturised when applied on a daily basis. The great thing about the cream is that you dont need a lot of it and it blends really easy into your skin. The formula is light and comes in a handy bottle that you basically twist the cap and squirt the product out. 

The showergels were very fruity smelling and absolute must have fresh scents for summer. They create a generous amount of foam and leave a lovely discreet scent to your skin that is not as strong as the body lotions leave but is still great. I love this range because it has handy packaging that is great for easier use whilst showering or applying lotion to your skin and i love discreet scents. A great range that does not contain parabens,artificial colours, silicones,propylene glycol and animal origin ingredients. 

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  1. I love papoutsanis fusion. Pomegranate is my favorite. Nice post doll...