Friday, 27 June 2014

Please Donate !

Aggizo Zoo is a greek charity in my town that is basically made up from volunteers who help out animals. If any of you have visited Greece you will know that we have a big problem with stray dogs and cats sadly. This means that there are lots of problems because they dont have owners and noone can take care of them. The stray dogs usually tend to cause a LOT of car accidents here in Greece and most drivers usually keep driving rather than actually taking the animal thats injured to the vet. The dogs or cats usually have puppies/kittens and once they do some of the people here go and abandon them. 

Aggizo Zoo helps out the animals a lot and uses their own money to pay for any medical treatments they may need. They also try to give some of the animals for adoption by showing them on their facebook page and give a legal contract with that to prevent the owner treating their pets in a bad manner. So this i ask of all of my readers , please donate even if its just a euro. The animals need your help, think about how many more animals we can help out if we all donate. 

Thank you xxx 

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