Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Spirulina - How its helped me !

I remember watching a Spirulina video a while back of the Victoria's Secret girls talking about one beauty tip they have and one of them had said Spirulina specifically Miranda Kerr who also mentions in the video that she had studied nutrition after school. Check it out below!

Now when i was younger, when Spirulina had just started really making a name of themselves, my aunt had sent us from Greece some Greek Spirulina that we all started taking as a family. Truth be told i gave up on it because all i saw was that it completely broke me out and that was the period i was going to school and wasnt wearing much makeup. 

After suffering from different body problems such as blemishes, iron deficiency and hair loss etc i decided i would start taking it again but really do my research about which one i should buy first. What i read was that when buying spirulina you should always opt for the organic version and you can use the pills if you hate the taste (which i do) or you can buy the powder version and add it smoothies or even food (not for me). My first batch i bought from my local pharmacy and it is pure Greek spirulina that is organic and the daily dose recommended is 2-4 pills per day. 

I only took 2 pills per day because apparently the higher dose is for people who suffer from much serious or more problems. My problems are not that serious compared to women or men who maybe suffer from thyroid etc. When i first started taking them my skin did break out , nothing bad it was something similar like when i expect my period and my skin breaks out and then after about two weeks it calmed down and went back to normal. 

Here is the best part... My monthly period is a pain in the a** for me and literally makes my life a living hormonal battle. I suffer from period pains up to one week before it actually arrives and then for another three days once it has arrived. The period pains hurt me so much i have to take some nurofen to help numb the pain a bit. I also want to add the first few days of my period my mood drastically drops and i get very angry and sad :(. Ever since taking Spirulina my whole period schedule has changed. I have no more period pains and my mood is not affected anymore. I was absolutely shocked the first month when i was taking Spirulina when i noticed that i had no pains so i decided to experiment and notice it for the second month and yet once again NO PAINS !! I have also noticed if i dont take Spirulina i start getting period pains BUT as soon as i  take a pill the pain disappears. 

I have not taken a medicine in the past 3 months and everytime i have felt like i was ready to catch a cold and i have took some Spirulina it has magically disappeared. Will it work for you ? I feel like it works for people differently depending on how your body works and what it needs. I recommend you go buy yourself a packet of Spirulina and try it for two months and notice the differences you should have. 

The Spirulina im currently using is called Hellenic Bio- Spirulina and i have a back up that i bought from I herb which is by Now Certified Organic Spirulina and i also have a Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica which is a powder that i use to make face masks with this was also bought from I herb. 
What are your thoughts? Has it worked for you ?


  1. iT IS NICE THAT you found a sollution with spirulina! I used to take it but for a really short term so I didnt notice anything big! Maybe I will give it a try again! kisses from Greece


  2. Είναι πολύ ωραίο προϊόν !! και μόνο καλά πράγματα κάνει !