Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Thats Better Face Scrub with Acai Berry

Thats better has a lovely skincare line that smells delicious. Im going to talk to you about their face scrub which is a multivitamin face polisher that smells of acai berries and something else that is quite herbal. You only need a small penny size drop of this because the formula is very different compared to other facial scrubs. 

The formula seems to be oil based and it has tiny sugar crystals that well blended in the mixture. In the past i have used other facial scrubs that basically had bigger stones but fewer stones. In my opinion these tightly compacted sugar crystal scrub formulas always work better because they are smaller so they probably cause less damage to the skin and they can pretty much scrub the whole face surface squeezing into the tiniest pores. 

The whole point of the acai berry cleanser is to help clean the dirt from our pores and it is recommended that it is used 2-3 times per week. I usually use scrubs whilst im showering because my pores tend to be more open then from the hot shower which means the scrub can cleanse my face much better. 

This scrub works wonders when applied to dry skin. The oil properties it has leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and the scrub gives you this super fresh clean feeling on your skin. This is one of the best facial scrubs i have ever tried because the results can be seen straight away once washed off. This does cost around 18.50 euros but you should keep your eyes open for offers. 

For more information about this product you can contact Farmakeio214 

( or any member of Advance Pharmacies 

You can also buy it online or by telephone order.


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