Monday, 21 July 2014

Must Have Summer Tanning Gel/Oil

If you are a huge fan of tanning like me, then you will probably be obsessed with finding the best products that help maximise your tan. Today im going to share with you girls my two favourite and must have products for summer. 

Avon Sun+ Maxi Tan : Spray oil which helps maximise your tan and smells delicious. It actually smells so nice that when i applied it my friend instantly fell in love with it and asked me to get her one as well from my Avon Representative. It smelled so nice that even the men were saying whats that smell , it smells really good. It helps lots and lots with tanning and and is not a heavy oil. 

Carroten Intensive Tanning Gel: Amazing ! I have always used this when i have been in Greece, its one of Greece's best products i think. Its a dark gel that you apply to yourself and it really does help lots and lots with tanning. The only downside of this is that it can get a bit messy and needs to stay clear from your swimwear because it stains. I was once wearing a white bikini and never wore it again because of this. 

Whats your favourite tanning product ? 


  1. Θελω πολυ να δοκιμασω το λαδακι σε spray απο
    την Avon! Θα το παραγγειλω σιγουρα! φιλάκια!!!!