Monday, 7 July 2014

My Ombre Experience

Since last year i have been dying to dye my hair ombre, i decided to finally go ahead with it buying two hair dyes one for the ombre and one if it goes wrong. I bought Loreals Ombre hair dye for brunettes going blonde which was in the number ombre no.1 . Even if you have black hair this hair dye will completely open up your hair colour so dont think that it wont. The bad thing with this was that when the hair dye is put on which is a really easy process the box tells you to wait 25 minutes- 45 minutes depending on your preferences. How blonde you want it in other words.

 I waited and after around 25 minutes my hair looked like it had gone very blonde like white blonde and i was shocked. I quickly decided to go wash it off to find out that it had only gone the caramel colour you can see in the picture. In all fairness that colour reminds me of a colour that has been dyed by a girl with a very cheap dye. It just wasnt working for me which is why i decided to dye it again and now its like a blond brown which looks much better. 

(with the hair dye on , as you can see it looks much blonder than the result)

My opinion is if youre going to go ombre just go to the hairdressers, you will never be satisfied with your own work trust me. For any of you wondering why my ombre is so high , that was how i wanted it. Its in fashion now the ombre to begin above your ears. 
Let me know your thoughts !

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