Monday, 28 July 2014

True Whit Book Review.

Do you girls remember the Hills or the City ? Then you should remember Whitney port who was working for Teen Vogue and wanted to become a fashion designer. 

Remember Now ? Thought so.
Well whilst i was in the UK i happened to go into one of the bargain stores looking for some bargain books to buy my students and as i was looking through , i came across her book. I decided i had nothing to lose and went ahead and bought it for 1 pound which is about 1.50 euros and its original price is 15.00 pound so 20.00 euros !!! Super Bargain !!!

The book spoke a lot about her dreams, growing up , the hills and the city, her current job , diet , fitness and of course style. The book was really nice set out the only thing i thought looked really bad were the photographs. Some of the outfits look so terrible and i have took into consideration that the trends were different a couple of years ago but still! 

I really enjoyed reading about her and her family. It was a nice summer read that i managed to finish very quickly. If she brought out another book i would more than likely buy it but maybe when it was on offer.
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  1. thanks for the review! i really love your opinion about it, i might have a look at it