Wednesday, 23 July 2014


A company approached me a couple of weeks ago asking me to check out some of their products. I was really intrigued by their motive and was really glad i was offered a chance to try out the products for Glittermeup. The Temporary Tattoo Store basically gives you a chance to design your own tattoo on their website and then order it so you can actually try it out. If you want to get a tattoo but just dont know if you like the design or how it will look on that area or if you like that area then this is perfect for you. 

Design and wait for it to arrive and then apply to your desired area. I chose a quick already made template from their website because i happened to be in a rush that day. I was playing around with different places i could place this tattoo and i really liked the idea of it being on the inner part of my arm.

This isnt just great for us tattoo lovers but for you tattoo haters as well. If youre the kind of person who cant commit to a tattoo forever then this is also perfect for you. Just apply a tattoo whenever you feel like it. The tattoo lasts about one week in my experience and looks as good as real after a couple of hours when the shine disappears. I am in love with this idea and plan on getting some big designs done to see if i really want to go ahead with my next real tattoo idea i have.
What are your thoughts ?

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