Sunday, 12 October 2014

Eyebrow Waxing at Home!

Work Commitments!
I am truly sorry just thinking about the fact that I am not keeping to my every two days routine drives me crazy! I can not seem to find the time to blog but I will update my Instagram and FB page with photographs as much as possible at least. Today I am going to talk about how you can save lots of money and wax your eyebrows at home. All you need is some products that should be really easy to find at your local beauty store or supermarket.

My brows that have been lightly filled in with brow shadow.

1) Wax Strips- I use Veet wax strips that are for your legs and I just cut them up in strips so that they fit the area I want to wax.
2) Baby Oil- Removes the wax afterwards.

3) Tweezers- I use my tweezerman tweezers to help get rid of any tiny hairs the wax could not pick up on.

4) Toner- Preferably you should use witch hazel but I use my normal face toner to help calm the skin and get rid of the excess oil that is left over from the baby oil you have used to remove the wax.

5) Cotton Wool- Apply the toner / baby oil on.

6) Scissors- To trim the wax strips and to trim your brows after.

Cut the strips first and brush your brows so you can clearly see the areas you want to wax. Once you have a clear vision of what needs waxing place the first strip on and pull. Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the results. If any small hairs are left the pluck them with your tweezers. Get some cotton wool and place some baby oil on to remove the wax of your skin and then put some toner and gently rub off the excess oil. Once you have completed all these steps you can trim your hairs on your brows if needed or just let them relax. Try your best to not wear makeup straight away it will not do any good to your pores.


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