Sunday, 4 January 2015

Crocs Modessa Suede Button Boot

I recently got these Crocs boots from Spartoo for myself. I got them in my usual size and the sizing was perfect. These last few days here in Greece it has been snowing and because we were usually going out for the holiday season I couldnt wear heels due to the weather conditions so  I opted for boots instead and specifically these new boots i bought. Inside the boot there is no fur however they still kept the bottom half of my legs very warm. The boot on the outside keeps very clean due to its dark colour and suede material. With it snowing here as I mentioned before I wore them in the snow and they had really good grip when I was walking on icy surfaces. I absolutely love them and I recommend you get yourself a pair or in general invest your money in orthopaedicyour feet that are a much healthier option for you and your feet!


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