Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A closer look at Clarks shoes.

The joys of being half British and half Greek were loads and one of my favourite memories growing up was the trips to England to see the other half of the family. I can remember going into Woolworths and of course going crazy about their pick n mix stand that had mini eggs. My obsession for mini eggs began back then. Sadly now Woolworths has closed so no more pick n mix for me. Going back to the topic one of my other memories was going to Clarks. I used to love the little fancy machine that would size up my feet to see what size shoe I wore. Clarks is one of those brands more women should wear... why? Because its good for your feet. There is nothing healthier for your feet than wearing good orthopaedic shoes.

Take for instance these heels. Yes, they are not platforms but guess what, those long nights out arent going to be painful any more if you invest in a pair of these. Dont be the boring girl who is sitting down all night rather than dancing.

These shoes are trendy and not just Clarks but many other companies who sell similar comfortable shoes have started trying their best to make the shoes more fashion relative and a little bit higher however at the same time maintaining that comfort.

As a woman you need to decide what you prefer. A badly made shoe that can cause you problems in your future life and health? Or a good made shoe that might be a little bit more pricey but will love your feet? The choice is yours girls! For more check out spartoo.gr  xxx


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