Monday, 16 February 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

Last night I finally managed to find some time to go to the cinema and see this anticipated film. I also managed to persuade my boyfriend to come with me, yes I am one of the lucky girls. I have read the books and I am a big fan of them so I was really interested to see exactly how they would manage to create a film out of it when technically its more of a porn film.

The cinema was full of laughter during certain parts of the film, just because it was awkward funny. At some point randomly Christian Grey was like ''I fuck hard'' but either the conversation made it sound random or Christian Grey did not sound/look like the guy who really would.

Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan just did not do it for me. I am sorry girls but seriously he looked like he was just an average guy that wasnt a man who was successful. The accent was terrible , I know he is originally Irish (i think) but seriously his accent sounded like an American/Canadian alien. I am starting to think Charlie Hunman was the better match.

Miss Steele, Dakota Johnson did not do it for me either. She looks like a 35 year old woman, not any younger. I did think that she played excellent the role of the innocent, virgin girl but I think the casting could have been much better. If I had to choose one actor to keep I would say Dakota, her funny quirky lines were quite entertaining and she pretty much did a very good job on acting the part.

The story line seemed very random to someone who has not read the books. My boyfriend who obviously has not read the books kept asking me what the story line is. He also said that the way they portrayed that she would like him and go ahead with all these crazy things is not true, any girl would have left at the first moment because he looks like a psycho. My boyfriend also kept making fun out of Jamie Dornan, his hair, his looks they werent really wow factor.

The film seemed awfully cheesy for me which is something I never felt whilst reading the books. Christian Grey just never did it for me, his brother Elliott was more better looking than him. I do think that regardless the ticket sales reaching record numbers, the second film wont have as much sales.Sex wise, was there much going on compared to the book? Yes but very discreetly lets not forget this is a film and not a porn film.  A lot of people were disappointed at the casting and the films final result. I have to say I am one of them... xxx



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