Monday, 23 February 2015

My Cleanse Has Begun...

Last night I had my final dose of chocolate and fried chips and said goodbye to all food. Now you are going to say to me after reading this blog if my cleanse is a little bit extreme and if it is healthy. Let me tell you one thing for the past however many years I have always done a cleanse in aid to either lose weight or to detox my system. This year I feel I need to lose weight, I can feel I am at my heaviest. I have decided to start with a cleanse because this is what works for me, it helps me get rid off all toxins and urges I may have and helps me gradually adapt a healthy eating regime.

Why now? Now is the best time because here in Greece most people will start doing lent for Easter, which means not as many people will be ordering or eating food that are quite unhealthy for you. Its really important to get the timing perfect. I have also created a plan in the rare case I happen to go out for food, I will eat a salad probably a Caesar salad. If I happen to go out on a night and want alcohol, I will stick to clear spirits with sprite. I have bought fruit and vegetables for me to live on and lots of soups. This diet will be mainly a liquid diet accompanied by fruit and vegetables.

What have I bought? I have bought certain fruits that release energy slowly and contain antioxidant properties. Vegetables I can eat anything but just have to watch out for any dressings. For my soups I have bought some instant soups that are quick to make and rice crackers.In the morning I drink hot lemon water with cinnamon and of course as much tea as I like. This is my plan hopefully for the next two weeks.I will keep you updated on my cleanse journey and what diet I do after 2 weeks.

My aim is to lose weight for Easter and of course then for Summer. I am probably going to be doing some Yoga to keep fit in the mean time and as soon as the weather gets better here in Greece some outdoor exercising. Let me know your thoughts, have you begun cleansing?

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