Monday, 9 February 2015

The 3.00 euro version of a Clarisonic.

The past couple of weeks I have been debating buying a Clarisonic and of course one of the main reasons is the huge price tag of 150.00EU at least. Dont get me wrong I really wanted to get one but I was trying to think if this is something that could be done by a facial brush on its own. The only difference with a facial brush and a Clarisonic is that the Clarisonic is electric. I really wanted to try out the manual brush and see if the results would be similar to a Clarisonics.

I have never used a Clarisonic or a similar electronic gadget let me just mention this however I have searched the whole internet for reviews on the product. People claim that with a Clarisonic their skin has improved in numerous ways. Less blackheads,blemishes and some say its good for wrinkles. I went to my local Hondos Center store here in Greece and looked for a facial brush. I found one that only had a 3.00EU tag on it, of course I bought it and began experimenting.

I use Apivita Cleanser for oily to combination skin and every morning I wash my face and then create foam with this product on my face and then start using the manual brush. I start massaging doing circular motions all over my skin, I even lightly do this on my eyes. Then of course I wash my face and pat it dry with a towel.

Ever since doing this I can tell you that I have stopped ex foliating my face since this method does it for me anyway. My face has started to feel much tighter and clean. The blackheads and blemishes on my face seem to be at a controllable level and of course my sin is shinier than ever. Of course I am sure a Clarisonic would probably do double the job since it has more bristles and turns at a quicker circular motion but 3.00EU compared to 150.00EU is a big difference. So far I am happy using this facial brush manually myself. Let me know your thoughts girls? xxx


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  1. Tέλειο...θα το πάρω σίγουρα! Thanks for sharing!