Friday, 27 March 2015

Oral-B 3D White Toothpaste

I absolutely love toothpastes, especially the ones that whiten my teeth. I never usually buy Oral-B toothpastes but just before Christmas I found them on offer at my local beauty store. I decided to try these since at the time they were advertising them with Shakira, Not that I am a huge believer in celebrity advertising but lets be honest they do help a product stand out a little bit more in our minds. I am usually a big Colgate fan so this was my first time trying them.

The good thing with this toothpaste was that I could see that it really was helping to keep my teeth white. They did not go too sensitive either! The other good thing that this toothpaste has, is its taste. The taste although it is minty, it is very toned down compared to other toothpastes. It still leaves your mouth feeling minty fresh.

I hate toothpastes that do not have a lid that is always attached to the toothpaste tube. This toothpaste has a big lid that you have to unscrew and screw back on and if I am in a rush, it really is not helpful. Colgate has this mechanism on most of their toothpastes and I would love to see this products packaging improved in the future. What is your favourite brand of toothpaste?


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