Monday, 23 March 2015

The Trendy Dr Martens

I can remember a time at school were people would get mocked for wearing these (usually goths) and now they have been the in thing to wear for the past couple of years. Weird thing, fashion is huh? If I was going to buy them, which I could be possibly thinking about it, these are the designs I would get.

I could just imagine wearing this with some lovely black leggings and a silk over sized shirt. Talk about making a statement, anything patent always looks great on your feet in my opinion. You just have to remember to keep them very clean and give them a good polish every now and then.

Ahhh! Its pink. I do love anything pink, it really is a lovely colour for tanned women to wear. These look so funky and girly, I would certainly love to wear these on a summer rainy day. They are waterproof by the looks of things and what a great way to jazz your outfit a little bit extra. PINK!

This is pretty beautiful. Look at the floral detail on this. See this design is not about the boot standing out but it is all about the pattern. This is great for someone who maybe does not like  the Dr Martens range that much but does want the quality.

This is another design that is great for a more toned down look, This could pretty much be worn everywhere due to it black and white theme. A boot that looks more feminine and promises to upgrade your style points. Which style would you wear?



  1. It’s a really great post! Thank you for sharing!
    Can’t wait to see the next one!)
    Like your blog very much!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. I don't own a pair, but I think they look cool ! :) x