Saturday, 21 March 2015

What is better waxing or shaving?

A great debate that has been going on for years now, to wax or to shave? Today I am going to compare the two and give you my point of view on what I think is right.

Shaving has always been a pain in my eyes, I honestly do not have the patience for it. I also suffer from dry legs so you can imagine what happens post shaving. Honestly, I get a lot of cuts as a result and my legs get super itchy from it. Is it worth it? Well, there are pros such as it being an effective painless hair removal. The thing with shaving that always aggravates me is that I could sit for hours making sure there is no trace of hair on my legs but after a day or two I usually already find stubble. Erghh. The good thing with shaving is that it is a good way to help keep those parts exfoliated because as you are shaving it is also exfoliating - this is the reason why this new shave your face trend has begun.

Waxing I will never forget the first time my mam took me to get my eyebrows waxed, it hurt and guess what it even bled. I was horrified and thought to myself how am I supposed to do this for the rest of my life?! Little did I know that as time goes past you get used to waxing and your pain threshold becomes better. I then started waxing my legs every month or so for a small period of time.I really do like waxing it is a great way to ensure that hairs do not grow back straight away. It gives you time to relax and not think about hair removal. The only thing I hate with waxing is the bikini area. Oh my! I will never get used to that pain and always hand over my guns by the second strip. I just can not...

What should you do? Well you need to decide between a non painful daily hair removal process or a painful two-four week hair removal plan. I usually go for waxing, especially here in Greece the weather gets warm and during summer you tend to flaunt a little bit more skin. Tell me girls, do you wax or do you shave?



  1. Shaving all the way, I prefer a painless hair removal process! I always use conditioner when I shave and I get no cuts or itchy/dry skin ;) Btw I'm a fan of shaving my face with an eyebrow razor! x

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