Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hair Products - Cheap but it WORKS!

With the crisis here in Greece, I know more and more people are trying to cut down on expenses. Its hard being a woman who needs her beauty products on a smaller budget. I decided to come up with a few things that I have found work quite well but do not cost as much as they should. Here are a few of my favourite products that I feel are must haves if you are on a tighter budget. All of these products can be found for less than 10.00EU.

Johnsons Baby Shampoo - I absolutely love this shampoo and I think most people do since that smell reminds us all of childhood. The great thing with this shampoo is that its great for all hair types and it leaves your smelling divine. I would only recommend buying the actual brand Johnsons of this product since there are a lot of much cheaper copies available. My grandma here in Greece only uses that shampoo, she must know something right?

Aussie Hair Mask- I love these and I actually only buy them when it comes to treating m hair to a good mask. There is one that smells like bubblegum and my little cousins loved putting that on their hair, its also a good way to persuade difficult kids to have a bath when it smells like candy. You can find different hair types for this product and you can usually find out on offer at your local beauty store. The bottle is amazing since there is no lid, you just squeeze and place it down - no messing on in the shower when you are in a rush.

Hair Brushes that dont hurt- My life has been saved with them. If I wake up and my hair looks like a bushy bush, no fear because the tangle brush is here! It doesnt hurt and it is another good product for kids who hate brushing their hair because it hurts them too much. You can find different branded brushes that have this no tangle system at different prices usually under 10.00EU. Excellent product for after the beach!

Jean Iver Hair Oil - My friend who is a hairdresser recommended me this and I have to say it is fantastic. You can also usually find this on offer and it smells divine and leaves your hair feeling soft after blow drying it.

Invisibobble- These are all I wear now and you can find them in lots of different funky colours. I have the pink and black and they work fantastic. They do not hurt your head and they make sure they dont leave a kink in your hair if you have it straightened. I know some people may be unsure if they can manage to tie their hair tightly and the answer is yes! You can pretty much tie them as tight as you can a normal bobble.


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  1. I love the tangle teezer and the invisibobble, mine is actually called hair ring! Johnson's baby shampoo is a staple in many Greek homes! :) x