Thursday, 9 April 2015

Its All About the Flowers

This season is all about the flower print once more however there is a difference. This time its floral everywhere you can think of shoes, trousers, tops and dresses. Usually most seasons the garments are more toned down whereas this time its all highly contrasted against a colour.. Here are a few to take a look at and how to wear them.

  I have actually bought the pair of trousers above, they are very unusual because they have a dark background with floral print on them but they look great contrasted against white exactly like the model in the photograph is wearing them.

These are gorgeous and would look fantastic against a black or white outfit. It will be all about the shoes and draw lots of attention to your legs. Make sure they are looking their best.

A piece of art if you ask me. This dress is beautiful from deep within right down to the material and to the surface with the pattern it has printed. It is a beautiful romantic look that will make you look pretty and flirty.

Toned down yet still fashionable. For any fashionista who wants to rock the monotone outfit with a little bit of trend. When it comes to shape like these please make sure you are aware of your body shape because balloon coats can make you look even more round than what you already are.


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