Saturday, 25 April 2015

My Fashion Monthly Budget

I think everyone has a budget every month were they decide what they need to buy for the month. We are talking about the items that you truly do need. This is a new segment of the blog were I will be discussing things that I need and have to buy for this month on my budget. Feel free to get the same items as me or get some inspiration.

Budget - 100.00 Euros.

Chelsea Peers 39.00 Euros

Pyjamas - I do need to buy some new pyjamas since here in Greece the temperature is starting to rise. I am still currently wearing my winter ones. Pyjamas are one of those items that especially for summer they do not need to be expensive. I mean during winter it is better to splurge a bit more to get nicer and warmer material but summer pyjamas tend to feel just like a sheet on top of your naked body.

Krystal Swarovski 14.00 Euros

Earrings - I swear, I am cursed with buying earrings this year. I bought some from Next and they arrived with the big diamante missing and instead of sending me some new ones they just refunded me. I really need to buy some good quality earrings. 

Asos Jeggings 39.00 Euros

Jeggings - I need some but I need them in a white colour. Summer is nearly here and guess what, you all need a pair of jeans in white. If you are not a fan of jeans like me, then just buy jeggings which tend to be a lot more comfortable.

How did I do?

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  1. wow i love the white pants, but I think that the pyjamas are quiete expensive with 40e. i always spend only 10-20e for these :D