Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Summer Scents

There is a huge difference between perfumes and summer perfumes. Summer perfumes tend to smell a little bit more fruity and alive where as the other ones are usually a bit more heavy with tones of different spices. Below I have come up with five of my favourite must have scents for this summer.

Currently what I am wearing and just like their packaging they scream summer. Juicy Couture is the must have girly brand and is guaranteed to get you lots of compliments.

I actually received this in my magazine as a sample and I must say it was perfect. It smelt like something a woman would wear and it was so lovely and summery,

People who know me well, should get a flashback of me when smelling this perfume. Just a spray of this and honestly it brings back so many memories. I have worn this forever and it totally smells of summer. It is an old perfume but trust me it is divine and you will probably find a lot cheaper.

I have not smelled this but I can promise you this will be a great perfume. All Escada perfumes have this summer feel and smell to them so you pretty much can not go wrong with these.

This one my mother wears and it has a lot of tones of floral in it but still smells of a womanly perfume. I would definitely buy this and it is one of my favourites that lasts long on your skin.


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