Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Which Platform Trainer Is Right For You?

Everyone is currently obsessing with the new platform trainers that are in fashion. Me? They take me back to my Spice Girl years when I used to wear some orange ones and guess what? I loved them. So, yes of course I am going to get some but still trying to find the right pair for me. I am going to help you find your perfect pair by sharing with you styles that you should look out for or keep in mind when buying a pair.

White works great with everything, well apart from winter. Now that spring is here its definitely time for you to start flaunting the colour white against your beautiful tan. The great thing about the colour white is that it is just like black it goes with everything. This is definitely the colour I will be investing in since it means I will only need one pair and could more than likely dress it up and down. The above pair is by No Name.

Discreet if you want a pair that sticks to the fashion trend but is more discreet then your best is option is definitely opting for some Converse. They are about half the size of the usual platform currently in fashion and will be viewed as a more common and regular looking choice. Great for older ages and anyone who likes to tone down their clothing rather than exaggerate it.

Not that discreet everyone has a different sense of fashion and some people like designs that are more in your face and have graphics or photographs. This pair is great just for that and is by Eleven Paris. It has an over the top size for the platform and has iconic ancient Greek/ Roman statues printed over it.

What is my style? My style would be plain and simple white, the first choice. It matches everything and now that summer is nearly here I can guarantee it will look refreshing and cool during day time and night time. To buy the styles mentioned above please click here and for more shoes click here.


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