Saturday, 4 April 2015

Why You Should Spend More On Makeup

I seem to get in a heated debate plenty of times when friends try to persuade me that I should spend less on makeup. The thing with this is that I always try to explain to people that some cheap makeup products are worth buying as long as they are good quality. In these days that we are living quality costs. Here are a few signs why you should be spending a little more money on your makeup.

Eye Products Apart from the fact that this is placed on your skin and you should be really investigating what you are placing on it, did you know that some eye shadows can stain your eye lids? The little darker lid stains you have can be of bad quality eye shadows and of course not taking your makeup off. Mascaras can cause lots of eye infections and honestly I do not know how some of you can trust buying 1.00EU ones that come all the way from China or Ebay. I bet most of them are not even certified. 

Face Products This drives me nuts as well, seriously its like you are applying a cream to your face which at some point when you get sweaty, your pores will open and suck it all in. Buy good quality makeup products to assure your face does not age prematurely and does not break out or even come out in rashes. If anything I would recommend looking for brands that are natural such as Bare Minerals my personal favourite that I tend to us mostly in summer since things get a bit hot here. They say their foundation is so natural that you can even sleep in it.

Lip Products Placing something on your lips aka mouth is like eating the chemicals voluntarily. Did you know that lipstick contains led which is carcinogenic? Think about all the times you are wearing lipstick or gloss every time you eat, smoke or just talk you are slowly eating that product up. That is why it is important to try your best and go organic. 

I am not going to lie, my collection is not all 100% natural and organic but I am trying to make the switch. Switching over to the natural side is not as easy as you think and it takes time. You need to make sure you find a products or a brand that you feel is doing the job well for you. In the mean time please keep these facts in the back of your mind and understand how much the cost price to create that 1.00EU product is and how much profit these companies need to make out of it. Believe it or not there is a difference between giving that extra euro or ten to make sure you are getting the best option for the amount of money you have.  Think of it like how you would buy meat, you know that buying the cheap meat means genetically modified (so they make more profit and can keep the costs down) where as buying fresh local meat is more expensive but much better quality. What are your thoughts girls?


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