Thursday, 28 May 2015

Back Acne - How to deal with it.

Summer, the time we usually strip down as to nearly barely nothing and let the whole world see our personal body issues. Regardless of whether or not we should be worried about them we always still do. Lately I have been getting quite a few blemishes on my back which I NEVER used to have. This was really shutting down my confidence the last few months and I was and am still dreading summer.

I decided something had to be done with this and sadly I am not lucky enough to be able to experiment with new laser systems that could possibly remove scarring and will cost a fortune. I did some research and found that Tea Tree Oil has anti bacterial properties and is great for cleaning up acne/blemishes. Which is exactly what I needed however there is still the scarring that is left which means we are looking at using an exfoliator  but what kind... Remember the post I wrote about face brushing and how my skin changed well how about body brushing.

Body brushing works really hard to help get your blood going even more, which means no cellulite and the brushing technique helps exfoliate your skin deeply. A lot of people say that exfoliating too hard is bad for your body but I disagree. I believe that doing the same routine to your body is bad but that is for another blog post.

Every time I shower AFTER washing my hair I apply some Tea Tree shower gel to my back and then wet my body brush and start scrubbing. I also scrub the rest of my body because the benefits really are great. The results I have seen are amazing, I barely have any blemishes on my back and my scarring is gradually fading. If this is done all year around then I guarantee you will have the most lovely clear polished back.

The shower gel I used is the one you can see in the picture , by the company Australian Body Care and can be purchased below.

Use the code TREATME10 to get 10% off.



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