Thursday, 28 May 2015

Bootea Shakes Review

I have been roughly trying out the Bootea shakes for one month now and I wanted to let you all know of my final thoughts and also give you some information regarding them. Let me make this clear, I was not asked to review these. I have decided to try out all these celebrity endorsed products (usually through Instagram) and tell you whether or not they work. I bought these shakes myself and they were expensive... Anyway lets begin.

Instructions on how to take these
I have already spoken to you guys about my complaints in my first thoughts blog which you can find here. There was barely any instructions and I was forced to do a lot of research to see what other bloggers have done and Instagram. With these shakes being a fairly new product of Bootea they are not a lot of reviews out there regarding them. You are supposed to take one-two per day half an hour before your meal and then you are also advised to drink roughly 500 ml of water and then EAT. To make a shake you add 250ml of water and one sachet and just shake.

The taste is really nice, I could easily drink this in general as a drink never mind a dietary shake. It tastes like berries and is pink, if anything it is too sweet. No weird, yucky taste.

Worth buying if you have the extra money that is, if you don't (with these shakes being fairly expensive) just use your own shaker. The shaker is really pretty and has measurements on one side which can be very useful. It evens has a little tray inside of it to help stop the foam and bits coming through whilst your drinking it.

How does it make you feel?
It is stated on their website that these are supposed to help suppress your appetite however I do not agree with this. If you are drinking 500 ml before every meal and plus a 250ml water (that is in your shake) no wonder its helping you not feel hungry. This is why I did not do the extra water thing, I really wanted to experiment with this drink. It made me feel like that feeling you get after drinking, a lot of juice or even a milkshake. Liquid full ?!

How many did I drink and when?

I drank one a day and this was because the box of the shakes states it is for 14 days, I did not think that it would mean that there would only be 14 sachets in. Most people I spoke with told me they drank 2 day however with me living in Greece by the time I had ordered my second supply I had to wait 2 weeks for it to arrive, so 1 a day was all I could do. I usually drank them either for breakfast, before lunch or in the afternoon when I get my usual snack craving.

For 14 SACHETS you can expect to pay 30-35GBP which is a LOT. If you drink 2 a day and you do this diet for one month it means every month you will be roughly spending 140GBP just on shakes. In my books its too expensive and the results that you get from it are not worth this price. I am 100% certain somewhere out there is a product at 50 maybe even 75% cheaper that does the same thing. Guys sorry to break it to you but you are paying for the brand, not the quality of the product.

If you google them you will be able to see that it is pretty much full of healthy natural ingredients apart from some additives. I also saw a girl on their Facebook page write that it is packed with a lot of sugar which is not good.

Weight Loss
Nope, nothing. I exercised every night, I drank these daily but nothing. Yes, I may have shed a kilo or something but I think that has nothing to do with the shakes but more to do with the changes I made. If you want to lose weight and you want to lose it fast - this is not for you.

Any difference in your body?
I noticed it helped me go to the toilet, probably double my usual routine. It did not have laxative effects if anything it was very natural. I did feel slightly more energized but that is it.

Would you buy this again?
No, too expensive and not good enough results.

Who would you recommend this to?
I felt this drink rather than a weight loss shake should be named a vitamin shake. I think this is great for anyone who is happy with their weight but would maybe like to improve their vitamin intake via this shake. Someone with a big budget is also great for this diet.

If anyone has any more questions, please let me know in the comments below and I will answer them based on my experience. Coming up next is Protein World review so stay tuned for that.


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