Tuesday, 5 May 2015

First Thoughts on the Bootea Shakes

A few people have been asking me if they are worth buying so I thought I would address my first thoughts. I bought them of the bootea website and the delivery to Greece was roughly 8.00EU. They arrived quite late so I would not rely on them to come in 2-3 days, I think mine took roughly a week and half. I would really love to see a future courier service from them that would deliver them in 2-3 days.

The price of them was 42.00EU and they contain 14 sachets. One of the complaints I have with Bootea is that they do not provide enough information. They suggest that you drink them before each meal however most people have 2-3 meals each day which means the 14 day package will not be enough for 14 days. It has resulted in me ordering another batch of them from Holland and Barett (since they are currently sold out on their site). I would really love to see a detailed description of how many per day max you are allowed and if you can have them at night if you are craving a snack etc. I think these are things most of us would like to know.

Again, the information regarding the actual ingredients is not very detailed. Is it really 100% natural because if it is that would mean people who have health problems can have them. I had to google the ingredients on another website to see the benefits of them. I also had to google for a friend who has thyroid to see if she could have them. It makes sense, is what I am saying that people were asking me for feedback to see if they are worth buying. Dear bootea, if you are reading please give us customers more information.

I have been drinking them once a day, I need to make these last until my next batch arrives. If you are going to order the shakes order two lots for your first try. My diet has been normal as usual, I did some research with some Instagram customers and some told me they are sticking to chicken, fruit and vegetables, others are continuing as normal whilst others are just living of the shakes. Again, Bootea are we allowed to just drink the shakes as a liquid detox?

Results so far have been great, I must say. I do not think you can see a noticeable difference in me but I can certainly feel it. I have been having breakfast (usually bootea oats or a cereal bar) and then some dinner that I can only seem to eat half off. The rest of the day I either have a snack or like today nothing because I am just not craving snacks. At night I have been doing some exercises such as sit ups, squats etc for an hour.

The shakes I have noticed have helped me go to the toilet roughly twice a day possibly three times. They do not have that scary laxative effect, they seem to encourage a natural feeling of going to the toilet. (Nothing like their teatox from what I have heard.) The shakes taste yummy if you like berry, I know most people are after vanilla, chocolate etc but I am happy with berry however they should definitely bring out more flavours for other customers. I have bought the shaker also which is very handy for shaking the mixture. The shakes come in sachets which means they are handy for you to also carry around with you. Even though you only add water they do taste like milky. I also noticed that my body did not hurt the next day after doing exercises, I know some shakes usually protein if I am right in saying so are used for after the gym to help repair muscles. I am not certain if this shake is supposed to do that but it is a weird thing for my body to respond to exercise so well the next day.

Are these healthy to take for as long as you want? Honestly I do not know since Bootea does not seem to mention this either. The ingredients seem natural enough to be able to take the shakes daily and I am quite pleased with the benefits of the ingredients. (boost metabolism, green tea which is an antioxidant, fat burner) To finish off, I am happy with these shakes so far. I am certain there are ther products out there that do the same at a much cheaper price (as some people have said in reviews) however I am not aware which brands or products these could be, The truth is for now all I know about is Bootea because it has been marketed to us so much. Mission accomplished! I have took some before pictures which I hope to share with you next week- if there are results worth sharing. If you do not mind the price tag (considering they last 1 week if you take 2 a day), the delivery time or the flavour, I would say go for it. Otherwise, wait another week or two for my results and final review.


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