Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Lets Talk about Exercise

A problem most women struggle with all their lives. A pressure that is put onto us by the media on a daily basis about how we should look. Most women exercise with the aim to lose a certain amount of weight and when they see that the weight achievement has not been met they are put off and stop working out. I am one of those women so I am speaking on personal experience.

It is all in our minds. You need to program your mind to know that you are not exercising for the results but for your health and your body. Once you have that stuck in your head, you will not stop. I have recently been trying this new method and it has worked wonders for me. I mean, yeah of course I want to lose weight and see a toned stomach and trimmed down arms and legs but this is not what I tell myself. I tell myself that I am doing this for a healthier lifestyle and to keep my body running smoothly.

Lets be honest. Even if we were to shed down to our preferred weight we would still need to keep exercising not only so that we can maintain this look but to keep being healthy. At the end of the day if you take away our goals of losing weight, we still should be exercising to keep our hearts in good condition. Exercising helps you produce endorphin's that make you feel happy, it is also good for relieving stress.

There are a lot of things that people stress over when they are exercising. How long should I be doing this for? How good was my exercise routine? Am I seeing results? I suggest you stop asking yourselves these questions and just keep doing it. At the end of the day any exercise is better than no exercise. I usually work out for an hour (I aim for) but if I do less or more - its ok! I exercise at home and do what I feel like doing. Some days I am in the mood for crazy cardio, other days I sit and do stretches and exercises such as squats, sit ups. I also like doing Yoga when the environment is quiet and relaxing and I am by myself.

If you want to start getting into exercise regime, then I suggest you follow my tips.

1. When do you feel like exercising? (I usually do this at night.)
2. What exercise do you feel like doing? (Do you like running or stretching ? Do that.)
3. How long can you last? (Don't time yourself, you will pressure yourself too much. Instead challenge yourself to doing an extra 5 sit-ups or an extra 15 minute run.)
4. How many rest days should you have? (Whatever you feel like at that time. I havent exercised for two days now because I didnt feel like doing it. Old Elpitha would have given up and automatically marked that as failed. Now, I dont see that as an excuse for stopping altogether - I had two rest days now I am going to continue.)

Dont be too hard on yourself. If you are then you have more chances of abandoning your exercise regime. Think positive, that is the key. Before you know it you will be used to it and feel lost without that in your daily routine. Reward? The reward for you will be your desired body appearance but without you even working towards that goal.


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  1. I have to say motivation is such a hard thing to come by sometimes! Great post, you are so right it's more than just being thinner it's health!