Tuesday, 12 May 2015

London Tea Club Review

I received my first London Tea Club monthly box today and I thought I would dive right in and tell you all about this club. If you are a herbal tea lover I would highly recommend buying a tea subscription since the amount of money you give anyway to buy your favourites why not give it a monthly delivery box that will deliver you tea's that will allow you also to travel. After doing my research I found many companies that offered tea clubs however the London Tea Club was more style. I did not want people selling me their packets of tea that you can also purchase from their website - I was looking for a club that would travel, deliver me small quantities of super good quality tea.

My subscription box.

I went to the post office to pick my parcel up and I nearly had a heart attack at the size of the parcel. I am not going to lie, I thought what a waste of money. It was so small, I was not sure if they had just put one tube of tea in and that was it! I quickly got home opened it up and felt relieved. The box contained inside a eco friendly bag that you put your herbs in, an envelope that contained 8 empty teabags and 3 cards that describe to you each tea in further detail, 2 test tubes with herbs and one plastic sachet with herbs and a letter from the team.

I really loved reading the letter, it was lovely (I was also jealous) to know the trips they are currently going on to find tea for our next box. It was like a conversation you would have at a tea party, it really made me feel like I was not drinking this tea alone but instead with the rest of the subscribers and their team. I found the empty teabags really thoughtful, the instructions were also great and not too complicated. They usually instruct you to add a teaspoon to your cup rather than weird measurements that I just would never understand.

When you subscribe to this club you will be asked to take a quick questionnaire that will ask you about your preferences, for example ''Do you like black tea?'' that kind of a thing. If I had any feedback for the London Tea Club, it would be make this questionnaire more detailed - add more options that regard the benefits of the tea, for example ''Would you like a tea that helps your cognitive skills/helps you lose weight/helps you sleep ...'' I know this might be something that London Tea Club may not want to concentrate on however it would be something I would love to see in the future.

The tea that arrived is one of a kind, you can really tell these guys are looking all over to bring us the best. I am a huge fanatic tea lover and all three teas I was sent I have never drank before or heard of the certain mixture. I have been so excited for this new subscription that I even have began my own tea diary and I have been sticking in the cards with each tea information in my diary and then commenting underneath. Overall I am really happy with this box and I will definitely continue buying this every month. I would love to see a London Tea Club at some point that will add more items to our boxes, extra tea , tools, herb books - anything , anything a tea lover would appreciate it.

Delivery to Greece  - Arrives to your post office or house (no courier) , parcel can fit through a letter box since it is quite small. The total cost is around 15.00EU including delivery and it arrived for me on the 12th , these are usually sent out at the end of the month. 


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