Thursday, 7 May 2015

My complaints for certain shops in Greece

Here in Greece the shop assistants drive you nuts around the store until you are at the till paying or have left the shop. I absolutely hate the fact that I am made to feel like I am a thief and I am sure most people can relate to this feeling. When someone hovers over you while you are trying to shop, its like a man waiting for you to finish shopping because they are bored and it gets you anxious.

I hate the fact that even though I am asked when I first arrive in the store if they can help me with anything, and once I say no,  they continue to bother me. This one time me and my boyfriend were shopping in Thessaloniki in a store and we were looking at perfumes. The sales girl came over asked us if we needed any help which we replied no to and then decided to inform us about all the sales they currently have running - ok fair enough. Then she would hear the conversation we were having and interrupt us to pick up perfumes and spray them on us- this happened again and again and again. I did not do anything, I understand this is the way the girls are instructed from the stores but seriously dear store owners leave us shoppers in peace.

This is one of the main reasons I do not shop in stores. I have heard terrible stories about certain Greek fashion stores that tell their shop assistants to sell everything and persuade customers that the holes in their garment is part of the design and not faulty - shocking right? I was even told that they had to sell a coat to a girl, which the sleeves of the clothes were too short for her and once again they told her that the coats sleeves are supposed to be like that.

One of my other complaints is the knowledge of the beauty sales girls. I remember once I went to a certain beauty counter and got the ''makeup artist'' to do my makeup with their products. The end result was horrifying and ever since that experience I wont allow anyone to do my makeup. I think that it is also really important that the girls who are selling the products have as much knowledge as possible on the items. I have seen many beauty bloggers (even had my own experiences) complaining about having to go in a store to ask about a product or even a brand and they did not know how to advise them.I really do not like mentioning to sales assistants that I have knowledge or I am a beauty blogger. I feel like it makes me sound very rude. I am assuming that when I mention to them that I do not need any help they get the hint. But they never do, do they?

I am not necessarily saying that all stores in Greece are like this, I am saying that most of my experiences in Athens, Thessaloniki and Kozani has been terrible. This is why I opt for online shopping or shops of whom I know the owners and the sales assistants. If you are a shop owner please do not take this as an insult but take this as feedback to help change the way you look at your customers.



  1. telio post! kai ego ta idia niotho otan eimai ellada. otan mpaino se ena magazi, amesos me rotane, an psaxno kati singekrimeno! The mou, mono mpika na do ti exei!

    einai poly xalia na pas gia psonia stin ellada, mono se megala magazia opos to H&M i Zara mporis na koitaksis me tin usixia sou


  2. Simfono mazi sou! Giauto kai pisteuw to online shopping paei kala. Stin Aglia pandos den itan etsi ta magazia, mono magazia opos to Armani etc.