Monday, 25 May 2015

The Fitness Edit

With summer literally just around the corner, I am certain we are all running around trying to lose weight. Lately ever since Stella McCartney collaborated with Adidas I have noticed it has become a ''thing'' to wear trendy athletic clothes at the gym. I wanted to share with you below some on trend fashion statements that you can wear whilst jogging or at the gym. Who says working out means you have to look bad, right?

Check out these comic, pop art inspired high top Adidas sneakers. These could even look great for a night look with some black harem trousers.

Geometrical monochrome prints are a must and they look spot on. These prints seem to have that Aboriginal vibe to them.
Check out the colourful range that Nike has come out with that will look great for summer, especially against that tan. Material patterns such as tie dye and prints with bold colourful brand logos. 

Keep areas you want to boast bright and areas you want to cover in black. The bright pop of colour will help draw attention to that area whereas the area that will be darker will be much more discreet. Don't forget to workout and have fun! 

For more athletic clothing and shoes check out Spartoo here.



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