Monday, 22 June 2015

Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water

A product that has been created for sensitive skin and is soothing and anti-irritating. I have used in the past their mini version of this that is 30/50ml and is super easy to carry around with you. This time I decided to buy the big bottle which is 300ml and retails for around 9.50EU however if you look on online pharmacies you can find it even cheaper.

I use mine to cool me down since this sprays cool water and helps you refresh your skin at the same time. Some people spray it on their face and leave it for their skin to soak up whilst others spray and then wipe away with a towel or a wipe. I usually leave it for my skin to soak in, I mean in most cases the weather is really warm and my face could really do with a splash of water to hydrate it a bit. The feeling you get is like someone is spraying cold water and then of course the temperatures alters and matches up to your skins once it has touched the surface.

This product works really well for someone who works in warm conditions or hates sweating. People suggest that you place this over makeup, I would not. Lets be honest you wouldn't splash a face full of makeup with water, it would just ruin your look and lasting effect more than likely. If you don't wear makeup then this is a must for those boiling hot days that your skin needs refreshing. This product is quite long lasting, I only have to buy one or two max for each summer. I would suggest buying the big size for at home use and the mini size for you to keep in your bag. You can also store this i the fridge it does make a slight difference in how cold the product is we have found. This has never irritated or broke out my skin and I would definitely recommend this for all skin types.


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