Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Jurassic World Film Review

I am a huge fan of Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation which was an awesome series by the way. I was really excited when I saw some screen shots of the film of Chris on the motorbike, it looked really good and it seemed to suit him as well. I was imagining a Jurassic Park film with a Daryl Dixon style character in it (Walking Dead) , a bad ass. I decided to watch it yesterday and here are a few of my thoughts regarding it. Let me just say that I am a huge fan of Jurassic Park and the other two movies that they released after the original.

It is a very futuristic version of Jurassic Park that shows us tourists, I think they have over 20,000 people staying at the resort. Usually all the films for Jurassic Park had no tourists there just paleontologists or random people looking to make money or looking for someone. It was nice to finally see a what would happen if there were people on the island and lots of them. I have to say it was not satisfying at all. Lets be honest if this raptor/t-rex dinosaur left its containment I think it would definitely have killed a lot more people and would have managed to reach the hotel and the main resort where most people were. The story line was good but I don't think they made a good film out of it. I loved how Chris Pratt was trying to train the raptors, it really was something smart and unique, not the usual story line. I felt like Bryce Dallas Howard should have died, lets be honest her character from the beginning was the ''bitch aunty'' who just did not give a damn about anything but her work.

The poor British ''nanny'' should have survived and possibly have been Chris Pratt's love interest in this film. Katie McGrath has to have had one of the most horrific deaths that I still can not stop thinking about. It was torture and it was really gruesome compared to the rest of the film. Come on Jurassic World were you aiming for horror or just a scary movie that could also be suitable for kids because I felt that you mixed both together and it just didn't work out. The two kids being in the film was also quite cheesy, I felt. I really did not like the acting from them - did they even speak?!

Most people seemed overall happy with this film however not me so much. It didn't feel like it was part of the Jurassic Park franchise but a movie on its own. Not, because of its story line but because it was rushed and the way the characters played out and who survived - no just no. Sorry please re-film this or discard it.


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