Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lacoste Light Piq Trainers

The very first time I got my first pair of Lacoste shoes was when I was 13-14. My dad had gone to Athens and at the time I was living in the UK. I asked him to bring me something good back from Glyfada since I knew the shops at the time where always designer and super expensive and believe it or not at that age I was a shopaholic dreaming of buying my first Louis Vuitton bag. He brought me back these white Lacoste ballet pumps which were much nicer than you can imagine. I was in love and I wore them all the time, they never once broke and since then I realized that Lacoste has a great quality shoe that is long lasting.

I recently saw on Spartoo these new Lacoste Light Piq trainers that look beautiful and comfortable. I couldn't resist not sharing these with you and telling you a little more about them. I would say these are definitely a smart urban choice for anyone who wants to rock the Metropolitan style. This shoe is combined with different types of material however most are synthetic but who cares cruelty free is better!

What I love about these shoes are that they have the classic crocodile logo on the side that represents the French brand and they are super stylish and can be worn on a night with a pair of jeans/chinos. Check out all the super colours they have for each pair very pastel and summery.

Which do you think is best?

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