Thursday, 25 June 2015

Scrub and Moisturize your Skin with Messinian Spa

Summer is here so that means if you are not scrubbing your body already then you need to get a move on. Messinian Spa has brought to us some fantastic products that really do smell like a Mediterranean spa. Their main ingredient on most of their products I noticed is organic olive oil and the smells/other ingredients are always Mediterranean related products. Today I am going to bring the Mediterranean to your room with these beautiful scented products.

It is hugely important that you scrub your body every time you are in the shower as it will help exfoliate your skin, improve your blood circulation and polish it. I would suggest you use scrubs that come in a tub format as in the photograph. The squeeze body scrubs (that usually come in bottle like containers) tend to be more watered down. Based on my experience I can guarantee you that the tub scrubs are always a better formula regardless of the brand. This body scrub is actually for your face also. What a great 2 in 1 product! It contains prickly pear and dittany and it smells like heaven, yes that is right heaven. The texture of it is super thick and is packed full of mini microbeads to help exfoliate every inch of your skin. Remember with the thick scrubs you only usually need a little bit and you can spread it out whilst massaging it on your skin.

Of course what comes after exfoliating? Moisturizing! Especially if you have had a hot bath those pores of yours are going to be open and what a great time to quickly moisturize them. I would suggest using a thick body butter, again only a little bit and quickly massaging that all over your body. You could even apply it to your skin and then wrap yourself up in cling film to create a heat treatment. As you can see in the photograph this body butter is super thick and it contains lemon and fig. Please trust me when I see that these both smell amazing. For some reason the scents seem to remind me of my childhood growing up in Athens. I am looking forward to reviewing these products.

What is your favourite scrub and body butter?

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  1. The color of scrubs is vibrant and pretty and the top actually has a nice shape to it without being too binding or restrictive. The pockets of medical scrubs from figs are really nice too.