Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Benefits of Body Brushing

This whole brushing thing began from the inspiration I got from the Clarisonic, facial brushing. The changes I noticed on my face were amazing, clear polished skin. I decided to try out body brushing to see if that would also help my skin. I am not at the phase yet were I can comment on results however in the next month or so you should expect to see a blog post with my results.

Body brushing helps push your blood to circulate around your body even more, especially on those areas us women hate. It actually helps the appearance of cellulite improve because a good circulation in your body is what is needed to maintain great skin. It also exfoliates your skin very well which results in polished looking skin. I would suggest brushing your skin along with a cellulite treatment to speed up the results and drastically improve them. You can dry body brush, which is basically when you are not in the shower and just brush or do it my way in the shower which I feel is better. I usually put shower gel all over my body and then start brushing.

Body brushing is also a great cheap way to exfoliate rather than buying a lot of exfoliating creams you can opt for just a 3.00EU (you can find them even more expensive) brush that you will use every time you shower. I would suggest changing it every one/two months - it really depends on how often you use it. So far I have been enjoying the experience and have already wrote a blog about how it has improved the acne on my back. I will however let you know more once I give it further time to see results.


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