Sunday, 7 June 2015

Why People Like Aussie Hair Products

Funnily enough my mother used to buy these when I lived in England and I never really liked them, I am certain the formula was different 8 years ago. A couple of years ago I won a competition that Aussie here in Greece was hosting and I received a free hair mask from them. I instantly fell in love. Ever since then I pretty much just buy Aussie hair care products because they work excellent for me and they do so for so many other people. Here is why...

They have a great hair care range that stands out for different types of hair. Many companies have different type of hair types you can choose from but honestly I can never really understand which one I should be buying. Aussie has a small description underneath their title that tells you what it will do. I usually read them and decide which one my hair could really do with this month.

They smell divine. There is a certain one which I can't remember from the top of my head, which one it was that smelt like bubblegum. If there is one thing I hate it is when my hair does not smell nice after shampooing or after a day which usually pushes me to shower again just so it does. These products are also really great for kids who you are having a tough time putting in the bath. My little cousins who are twin boys, when I would be looking after them for a day or so I would force them to go in the shower because you know what boys are like. It got to a point that they were asking me to go in the shower just so they could use the bubblegum smelling hair products. Their shampoos have funky colours as well which are always child friendly. If you want to use it on your child and you feel that the mixture could be too strong all you need to do is water it down.

The price of their products are cheap to normal I would say. In the UK you can usually find them with a great offer or a discount where as here in Greece you can expect to pay 10.00EU for each roughly. I buy mine from Feel Unique (check out the bottom of my blog for the banner that will lead you to their website) as that is where I normally shop from and can find them slightly cheaper compared to Greece. I am a huge fan of their hair masks and whilst I usually have them on I tend to shave or shower and then rinse them off. My hair goes as soft as a baby's bottom and I feel like it really does take care of my hair. The products usually last me a month  and the packaging is super easy to use when you are in the shower. The mask has a squeezy bottle like application that you just literally squeeze and the shampoo's have a little lid that you press to get the product out. No messing on with taking lids off and putting them back on. What do you like about Aussie products?


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