Monday, 6 July 2015

Elpitha Answers Beauty Samples FAQ from Companies

One thing I will never understand that I have come across when buying beauty products is why companies and their sales staff are so tight with them. I'm lucky enough to have lived in the UK and Greece and to have visited other countries and I have noticed this reoccurring pattern with the way sales assistants dish out beauty samples. This blog is dedicated to all beauty companies and of course some buyers such as myself.

What is great about samples?

Samples aren't a bad thing they are free advertisement and something that makes customers appreciate your company more. The amount of times I have bought products because of samples I have received, these are products that I would never have bought myself. Around half the products on my shelf are there because of samples. Samples are a great way for customers to try out products without having to buy them and then buying the full size product and mostly it will be at least 3-5 times.

How many samples should I be giving away?

I have noticed that in most places depending on how much you have bought that is how many samples they will give you and IF they go to the effort to actually ask you if you want some. First of all you should not be asking customers if they want them, just place them in their carrier bag. Worst comes to worse they will give it to a relative which again is advertising. I think regardless of the amount they spend you should be giving samples. There are times I go and buy one product that might cost 2.00EU for example however next week you will find me in the same shop spending 100.00EU. It just depends you can not say for sure how much a customer is spending, so do not judge them on that. I do think a great idea is to find out more about them or make a summary in your head. Look at them are they wearing makeup, do they look like someone who wears cream etc. What are they buying? According to these questions give them suitable things and as many as they will need.

Will it increase my sales?

Yes, it will! As long as you have a good product but at the end of the day not everyone is happy with the a certain product. I have reviewed a cream before that the rest of the bloggers who received it said it was the best cream and I said it is the worst - people are different. It will help your company become familiar with your brand and your style. If they do not like it because it smells too much of roses one day their friend might say ''I love the smell of roses.'' to which the other person will say ''You will love this brand then, it was too much for me the smell, here I have a spare sample.''

What should I create samples of?

Anything that you can create a sample of. You should always have a wide range of samples. If there is maybe a product that is not doing well in its sales or a new product you need to promote make sure you create triple the amount of samples and dish out double the amount. They will more than likely use it long enough to like it or pass it to several friends. If you feel its necessary attach a leaflet to the sample where the customer can read about the product.

How to Encourage your Sales Assistants to Reward a Customer with them?

Encourage them to place in each bag one of each sample you have, if they see a mother and daughter shopping together to give samples to each of them etc. A lot of sales assistants pretend they are dishing them out when in reality they are keeping them for themselves. Send a relative or a friend to buy something every now and then to check if the sales assistants are sticking to the sample routine you have advised them on. Place a target for a product that you are promoting that month and if they hit the target by allowing the customer to sample (in most cases) they will be rewarded. Alternatively if this is not an option then place samples inside your packaging. I used to buy a shampoo that inside the box it came in there used to be a sample for another product from their line. Excellent marketing right?


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