Saturday, 4 July 2015

Le Petit Marseillais Aloe Vera range

Le Petit Marseillais is a French company that aims to bring you great quality bath products at low prices. You can usually find these products at your local supermarket (in Greece) or your local beauty store. They are not actually that expensive, you can usually buy the products for less than 10.00EU and trust me one of your local stores will have an offer running with these. I have tried these products before however I did not really like them, this new range is very different and in my eyes appears to have a completely different formula.

This new range has been designed for sensitive skin types and is a hypoallergenic product. In this new range they have brought out 3 new aromas which the main ingredient for each of them is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera for anyone who does not know is a plant that many use its inside gel when snapped in half for sunburn, rashes and pretty much everything else that is sensitive skin types will react to. It really does make sense that this is the main product for this new range. The range that I have received is aloe vera with almond which smells absolutely fantastic. It has a very discreet sweet smell and is great for anyone who hates products that smell too much and also like products that will help their perfume stand out more rather than their body lotion/shower gel.

The shower gel is a great big  650ml size that is great for anyone who likes to use a lot of shower gel or tends to share their shower gel with their whole family. The body lotion is 250 ml which is smaller compared to the shower gel however the body lotion has a milk like texture which does not consist of applying much anyway. If you do not believe me that you will love their scent all I can suggest is going to your local store and opening the lid to check out the smell. If you are lucky enough you should be able to find a tester also for the body lotion.


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