Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Oriflame Tenderly Promise

Who doesn't like shopping from a catalog every now and then, if not all the time!? Oriflame was kind enough to send me their new fragrance which I will be telling you more about very soon and their new catalog. This new fragrance isn't just a gift for you but also a gift towards children. It is supporting a charity that was founded by the Queen of Sweden named Silvia in 1999 and is called World Childhood Foundation. Today Princess Madlen of Sweden is the face of this charity and believes that every child should be able to feel loved. I agree Princess! If you would like to find out more about the charity then check out the link here. Now time for me to share with you more about the fragrance.

In the latest Oriflame catalog (here in Greece) you can purchase this fragrance for 19.99EU instead of 33.00EU. This fragrance really does smell beautiful and funnily enough it reminds you of love because the scent discreetly smells like a perfume your mother would wear. There are no heavy tones, it is just fresh. In the latest catalog you will also get the chance to smell the scent before buying it. This is a great scent for teenagers right up to adults who like something more toned down. The packaging is beautiful very Coco Chanel and has a heart printed in the middle of the glass to remind us of the promise of love and the promise we also gave to those children when we bought the fragrance.

If you are thinking about buying a gift for yourself or for a loved one, why not get them this? Its a promise of love after all and lets not forget that you will be helping a charity at the same time. At only 20.00EU, you are guaranteed to smell like a princess.


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