Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Student Style Bags Under 50EU

I always feel that once we get into the month August summer is practically over and before you know its September, the weather is bad and for some of us school starts again. Its always a great idea to plan ahead in my opinion to make sure you are organised and not looking last minute to find or buy something. I wanted to share with you some super  trendy student style bags that cost less than 50EU and are bound to make you look trendy.

I love how Roxy has left their tomb boy theme for this design and gone for a more boho colorful bag. A great bag that will fit in all necessities and won't be too heavy for your back.

Eastpak is the kind of bag that has been designed for more wear out of them. If you are the kind of person that will completely wear a bag all day and not really take care of it, this is the brand you should be purchasing. Their bags have been designed to be durable and long lasting. If you are carrying heavy books or just need a bag that will last then this is the bag for you.

Kipling another brand similar to Eastpak's style however I would say smarter. Their bags are designed to contain a lot of products but without it being too obvious. I always have a Kipling bag and actually my current bag is a Kipling. You will notice inside the bag they will have lots of smart pockets for you to store items and the best thing they are waterproof and trendy. 

I have not forgotten about you athletic students who are doing physical exercises and probably need to carry a change of clothes. The perfect, sporty Quicksilver bag designed with outside pockets and also a big comfy space inside the bag to store your clothes, towels and even books.

To take a closer look at these bags make sure you check out Spartoo.


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