Monday, 20 July 2015

Summer Makeup Inspo for Warm Weather Conditions

I am still noticing a LOT of girls who are caking their makeup on, during summer which here in Greece I inform you is crazy since the weather is so hot the makeup literally melts of your face. You don't only look like you are wearing too much but you are also destroying your skin. When it is warm your pores open and all that nastyness gets soaked in and that is how spots/blackheads are created. I decided to share some tips on how to wear makeup during warm weather conditions.

1) Use BB creams because they are basically face cream with colour and they are much lighter and look a lot more natural. If you are desperate for concealer use a tee tree oil based one that will be nice to your skin. If you can use a mineral based or natural BB cream/concealer that will be even better. I use only BB cream and then on top I place under my eyes some Touche Eclat by YSL IF I feel its a necessary pick me up for my eyes. On top of whatever you are putting place translucent powder, make sure you focus particularly on the areas of your face that show sweat - forehead, cheek bones and nose. If you get a good powder it will be like there is nothing there if anything it will help your BB cream blend in with your skin making everything look natural.

2) Use some highlighter that bronzes, in peach tones to create that discreet yet bronzed appearance.

3) On your eyes play with very natural colours. I use a white cream shadow that once applied to my lid it just leaves a bright shine (rather than a white shadow) that helps your eyes glow and of course stand out. If you must blend the colour just add some very light brown colour or use your blusher for that peach tone effect that will allow your eyes to pop discreetly. Apply mascara as usual and eyeliner if I wear it I always opt for brown colour that is not as defined as black. If this is a night out look feel free to play with colour on your eyes and keep everything else plain and simple to look as refreshed as possible.

4) Lipstick is a no no for me. I recommend lip liner that is mat and does not have that cakey effect. I usually apply natural pink lip colours or nudes.

Check out the makeup looks, I have found on the internet and notice how refreshing they make the skin look.


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