Thursday, 9 July 2015

Travel In Style - Suitcase Edition

I was always flying once or twice a year, backwards and forwards to Greece when I was living in the UK to see friends and family. When travelling it is massively important that you buy good quality suitcases. I bought an Antler suitcase when I was 16 and I still have it now that I am 24 years old, the quality of it was really good. At the time people were saying to me that it was expensive and I should buy a cheaper one. Don't get me wrong it was certainly an option but it probably would have broken 2-3 years max. I wanted to share with you a few suitcases that are great quality but will also allow you to travel in style.

Little Marcel - Cute, funky polka dot style. Will not get dirty easy due to its dark colours and has plenty of room for storage and pockets.

Eastpak- A suitcase that would be suitable for a man who would only carry necessary things with him. His clothes and a couple of grooming products. This suitcase is waterproof, this would be great for anyone who will be going on a road trip and will be daily carrying around their things.

David Jones - Travelling light? Then I would suggest that you opt for this unisex medium sized suitcase that will inspire you to travel more.

North Face- Again, great for a road trip since you can also wear this on your back as a backpack. North Face is always up to date with the latest material technology to make sure that their bags and clothing are durable and smartly put together.

What kind a few suitcases person are you? All items above can be found here.

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