Saturday, 11 July 2015

Vichy Ideal Soleil Bronze SPF 50 Suncream

This is why samples work guys! I bought some stuff from a pharmacy that is called Smile Pharmacy and is based in Athens, with my parcel I received some samples. One of the samples was this Vichy Ideal Soleil Bronze SPF 50 face sun cream that I was certain I was not going to like but guess what I did. Turns out this sun cream actually allows your face to tan whilst protecting it at the same time. Sounds like a gift from heaven if you ask me. If there is one thing that I hate during summer it is the white face and tanned body look we all seem to have because our face tends to tan harder but the sun cream we are wearing and topping it up with all the time is blocking the tan. When I found this product I decided to opt for the full size and try it.

To begin with I would say that this is a long lasting product you need less than a coin size and I use that all the way down to my chest. There is not much shine as long as you don't apply too much to your face. If you apply it 5 minutes before you go out in the sun the product should be all soaked in your skin. The packaging is waterproof and easy to use. The coverage for this product is SPF 50 which is pretty much the best protection you can get out there. It says it is a gel like fluid however I would disagree on this, it reminds me of a cream fluid and is not that thick. It has the normal sun cream kind of smell however it fades away after a little while so its not that much of a problem. I personally like it.

I have noticed that my face has been tanning naturally and not getting sunburned at all. Usually my cheeks would be the first to burn regardless of my olive tone complexion. I would personally not use it under makeup, I would recommend using a BB cream that contains SPF for summer days. Lets be fair, who wears makeup during boiling hot days? I couldn't. I will definitely be buying this for the rest of time since this does not only protect my skin but also allows it to tan beautifully. I would also like to confirm that there is no colour/tint in this product.


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