Saturday, 1 August 2015

Caudalie Grape Water Review

Remember the big Avene Eau Thermale spray I posted about? Well its finished. I popped last night into my local pharmacy to buy another one and there was no big size but only the small one which I could probably finish in two days. I decided to try a new one and this new one was by Caudalie and was 10.20EU. I was really worried about buying this and not liking it since there is not really a tester available for you to kinda have a spray. Thankfully it turned out I liked it much more than the Avene.

The packaging is lovely much more luxurious and waterproof. I could definitely imagine giving this to someone as a present accompanied by a hand cream. The spray power has much more pressure and therefore lets off a lot more water than your usual water sprays which I loved. This has been created for sensitive skin and the formula is basically grape water. It does smell I would say - not a lot but you can still pick up on the grape water scent. All the other water sprays I tried never really had a scent this one does but I promise its nothing crazy. I have been spraying this on my body and face and there has been no irritations, in fact if anything it almost feels like it is making my skin much more softer.

What I didn't like was the temperature of the product. If you haven't used these kind of products before you should know that the sprays usually spray out super cold water that cools you down. This I felt didn't. Its still cold-ish but not as cold compared to Avene or La Roche-Posay. You can however place it in the fridge to encourage it to become more cool. I tried it last night and it was fantastic! Overall I am generally happy with this product and will definitely be choosing this out of any other water spray. Its a great 200ml size which is big enough for it last and small enough for you to carry around.


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  1. I'll probably buy it next summer. I still have the avene and carroten one. Nice post!