Thursday, 13 August 2015

Korres Raspberry Twist Lipsticks Review

My lovely friend gave to me two Korres twist lipsticks which as far as I am aware of these are a brand new product from Korres. This twist all in one lipstick has a very similar form to a pencil and it contains raspberry oil to help nourish your lips. In my opinion it kind of reminds me of a lip balm lipstick with a bold tint.


With these lipsticks being so well moisturized there is a problem and that is that they will constantly need topping up and could easily slip on your teeth or the outline of your lips. I would suggest if you want to keep things more mat adding some translucent powder after applying your lipstick. They smell of raspberry and really do leave your lips feeling soft. There are a wide range of colours available, if I had to buy these I would buy them in the most natural lip colours so that at least they look like a tinted lip balm rather than a shiny lipstick that just wont stop moving around. I don't like these twist lipsticks sadly because I feel like they are not stable enough to be classed as a lipstick. I love the packaging idea however I would have preferred these to be called tinted lip balms. These retail for around 17.00EU personally I would suggest not buying them. They are too oily and do not last long at all. If you already have these and don't know what to do with these I would suggest using them as a cream cheek tint or applying a dot that you will then blend out on your lips.

Sorry Korres but these are a no no for me.


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