Monday, 10 August 2015

This Works : Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and Deep Sleep Stress Less Review.

Quite a while back with my previous job I was having quite a lot of problems sleeping. I seemed to be coming across lots of problems and I just couldn't shut them out when I was trying to sleep which resulted in me having many sleepless nights. All of us stress about something for some work may not matter but friendships do etc it depends on your character. I am the kind of person who gets anxious about everything so I tend to have a hard time sleeping every now and then. I didn't want to buy anything that was medicine because I felt it would be too much and wanted to search for something slightly more herbal. I came across this spray and roller balm that appeared to have great reviews and decided to go ahead and buy it.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: Something I would spray on my pillow sometimes even in the air before sleeping to help encourage me to sleep. I only tend to use this when I am having difficulty sleeping, I don't use it on a daily basis. The instructions say that you have to gently inhale for a good nights sleep. Every time I used this I seemed to fall asleep. Do I think this makes you sleep? No. I think it helps encourage you to relax so that you can sleep. Which worked for me! The smell is lavender so anyone who hates lavender may not like this product. Personally I love the smell of lavender and I think it works great for people who need to relax. The bottle is 75ml and comes in a spray container.

Deep Sleep Stress Less: This is a roller balm that has been created to be applied on your pulse points - wrists, neck etc. I usually apply this only to my wrists. Once again the smell is pretty much lavender and the company says that it has been designed to clear head so that you breather more deeply and stress less. Did it work? Yes, the same way the spray did - it helped encourage me to relax so that I could sleep. The great thing about the roller balm is that it doesn't just need to be applied to the sleeping matter but you can carry it in your bag use it for travel anxiety/sickness, work stress or any other stressful situation you may find yourself in. This is 5ml and can easily fit in your purse.

Have you tried these products?If so how did they work for you?


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