Friday, 4 September 2015

Back to School AW15-16 Bags

One of the best feelings in the world was when I was younger and went and bought new stuff for school. New clothes, new bags, new shoes and new stationary. Going to school isn't however anymore how it used to be. It is all about rocking trends alongside your school uniform. I am going to show you today the most chic back to school bags you could carry (as long as you do not carry that many books.).

The most chic designer bag you could be rocking to school that is as long as you have the dollar to buy it. It has pockets inside and is easy to open and close and can probably be worn on your shoulder also. The black print makes it even more special and luxurious and will look fantastic against your school uniform.

This bag is big. Are you an art student? This will probably fit in all of our gear. A lovely bag that has been designed by Replay and even has an across your body strap. What more could you want?

A beautifully structured bag that is made out of faux leather is so smartly designed you won't believe it. There are sections within the bag that have been designed for your phone, keys and a pocket without a zip to place something else in. This bag has a material in the middle separating two sections. One section for stationary and the other could be for food, drinks etc.

Hippy Chic?! Check out this beautifully coloured bag that has loose materials and a strap so you can wear it across your body. You could probably even put a padlock on this bag by the looks of the zips. Once again great amount of space inside the bag and guaranteed to help you pop against those dark uniform colours that we all had to wear.

Which one would you choose? For more bags check out Spartoo.

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