Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Dog in the House - Yey or Nay?

A huge dilemma a lot of people have especially here in Greece on whether your new dog should be in the house or outside in the garden. I have a dog that is a small pekingese as you can see in the photographs below and is roughly 5.5 kg and lives in my house. A lot of people feel that if they allow a dog in their house that it wont be clean anymore and could possibly smell or leave a lot of hairs on carpets/couches/beds etc. To be honest with you I was a bit skeptical at first even though I grew up in a house that had a dog but then I quickly changed my mind and before I knew it, my dog was sleeping in the bed with me.

The negative thing about keeping a dog in the house is that it needs twice the work maybe three times in some cases in keeping your house clean but there are lots of solutions to this which I will go into further detail further down. The other bad thing is that some people may visit your house who don't like dogs and look very uncomfortable. To this all I have to say is that it is your house and in your house you have your rules, just the way you would respect someone else's house they should respect yours. The whole toilet situation that can also be a topic that will ring alarm bells in your mind but I can assure you that there are solutions to that also which I will discuss again later on. The smell is something that I feel depends on how clean your house is. Yes, of course when I wash my dog it does make my dog smell more but that is just temporary and does not happen everyday. I have gone to houses in the past that did smell of dog but that was due to their cleaning regime. Which takes me into my next segment on how to keep your house clean when you have a dog living inside.

If your dog sheds a lot of hair then you will probably be forced to clean double the amount and buy that I mean wash covers, bed sheets etc or hoover twice a day. My dog that we have in England sheds a lot of hair and his hair was white so imagine how obvious that was on carpets. My mam however bought a hoover that specializes in pet hair it was by Dyson and what it basically does is it completely sucks up all the hair wherever it might be - it really is good and worked for us. If you have tiles in your house as most houses do here in Greece I would suggest mopping the floor with bleach or a detergent that contains bleach. Bleach kills bacteria and of course makes the house smell and lets be fair if the house smells of bleach when you walk in you straight away feel like you are stepping into a clean house. I actually love the smell of bleach some people don't so for those people who don't buy a detergent for mopping floors that contains bleach with an aroma. Wash materials in your house frequently using plenty of fabric softener so your house also smells of that. I am obsessed with fabric softener and as a general rule when I feel something does not smell anymore I wash it.

The toilet situation can be avoided with letting your dog out in the garden or at least taking it on walks. If you maintain a busy lifestyle like I do then I would suggest buying pampers for the floor that the dog goes on to for its toilet business. I buy pampers with aromas and I actually buy bed pamper covers that are usually used for old people. Its the same thing, a little bit cheaper and they smell great (if you get ones with aroma). If you have a balcony you can place it outside and if your dog is clever it will scratch to go outside or bark. I usually keep the pamper toilet thing out of the way of places such as the living room and put it in places where people don't usually go in my house. The If you take your dog outside for whatever reason when you bring it back in use some baby wipes for sensitive skin to clean any outside bacteria of them and of their feet so it is always clean. If people don't like dogs in the house or question you on it, you should explain to them its none of their business. I would never personally go to a house and start getting involved in their house business so I think its bad manners. If people don't like the dog in the house or feel like your house is dirty then explain to them that you clean it twice as much as the average person and that it is probably cleaner than their non dog house. Let me know if there is another dog subject you would like me to talk about!


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