Monday, 7 September 2015

How to get Longer Lashes

I can remember ever since I was in Sixth Form that was when the trend began for longer lashes or fake lashes. I must say I was never a fan of a fake lashes. They just look fake and you need to be on top of them all the time to make sure they do not unstick on the corners. I tried wearing them every now and then and my face hated them. It made my eyes look so fake and over the top. I know that some people wear them on a daily basis however I prefer to look as natural as I can so there is not a huge difference in my face when I do not wear make up. This is because adding a lot of fakeness to your face will make you lose your confidence when you do not have that fakeness. Try to stay real its the best thing you can do for your appearance and your mind.

I wanted to share with you my little secret for growing longer lashes and it is ... Vaseline. Yes, that little tub that you can find for under 3.00EU or in the UK in a poundshop works wonders. All you have to do is get a cotton bud and on a daily basis preferably before you go to sleep apply it on your lashes - try not to get it in your eyes. I actually learned this trick from a friend that used to have long lashes. It really does work as long as you apply it daily. I actually apply it on my eyebrows also to help them get a bit thicker. I know a lot of you may be thinking that Vaseline has quite a lot of chemicals but so does your lash glue and your lash extension liquid that is very expensive. Do this until you feel you have achieved the look you were aiming for or apply it every now and then as I do.


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