Friday, 11 September 2015

Korres Almond Blossom Face Cream Review

There was a great offer on at the pharmacy I usually shop at and that was buy one get one free for only around 13.00EU. I decided to go for the kill and buy the cream and try it out. I have been using it for the past couple of days and it really is a great cream. There are two versions of this cream - one for combination to oily skin which is what I have and one for dry to normal skin. The whole point of this cream is to combat the first signs of ageing by moisturizing your skin. Its main ingredient is almond blossom and it smells lovely, it reminds me of a tea I used to drink that contained almonds in.

The packing is really plain and simple and I think that is so you are not overloaded with information. The box it arrives in has much more information but on the actual cream you will just find the name and manufacturer. It contains 40ml of product and has a little protective plastic lid underneath the actual lid to stop it spilling all over the lid. The ingredients are not 100% natural however Korres products usually do not contain the big nasty ingredients and they do try to stick to making their ingredients as friendly as possible.

When you apply the cream to your face after it has been applied well your skin will feel very soft, like a baby's bottom as they say. It did not break out my face or feel like an oily solution (especially for me who has combination to oily skin) and I was generally overall pleased with the result. I even applied it under my eyes and it never broke out in a rash. It also seems to work well with makeup, you could even blend some of the cream with a foundation to make a BB cream. This is a great cream for someone who is on a low budget but wants to buy a decent cream that is not too cheap and that also contains skin friendly ingredients. Of course, that doesn't mean if you are on a high budget you should not opt for this. Let me know your thoughts.


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